Running your own business and being an entrepreneur can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. 

I’m here to support you through that process, show you where I’ve fallen short and what I’ve learned in all my years as an entrepreneur, and help equip you to achieve success in your business. I believe in you wholeheartedly and I can’t wait to become your newest biggest fan and hype girl while mentoring you to become the BEST photographer and business owner you can be.

You are capable of achieving your dreams, crushing your goals, and continuing to chase after the desires God has placed in your heart.. 

You were made for this, but you weren’t made to do it alone. You deserve a business coach who can come alongside you, through the highs and the lows of business, cheering you on and reminding you that all your hard work is freaking worth it. You deserve to see success in your business and for all your hard work to pay off. You know you can do it, you just need a little bit of help along the way– that’s what I’m here for. 

Let's Work Together!

education & mentorship services

You were called to this career as a photographer for a reason. 

And maybe you’ve watched allll the youtube videos and binge-listened to podcast episodes about photography but are still just feeling stuck like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere…

I get it– starting and running a business is TOUGH work. And it can often feel so lonely and like you’re the only one who gets what you’re dealing with. You’re not alone in this experience– I’ve been there too. 

What if instead of feeling lost and stagnant in your business, you could begin to see real growth, reach your ideal clients, and create a thriving business that you’re excited to show up to every day?

That’s where I come in, friend. I’m in your corner, cheering you on, and ready to help you create the business you’ve been dreaming of. 

Do You Find Yourself...

The passion you have for this job is not random. You have BIG dreams of where you want to take this, but when it comes to growing in your business and continuously attracting clients, do you feel like you’re hitting a dead end?

  • Playing around with settings and editing in lightroom to try the achieve the style you’re drawn to but not quite feeling like you’re there yet
  • Continuously posting to instagram and showing up online but feeling like you’re yelling into the void with little to no engagement
  • Feeling so overwhelmed with all the things on your to-do list but not even sure where to begin that can make the biggest impact in your business
  • Watching other photographers crush it in their businesses and wondering if that kind of success is possible for you, too.

Education + Mentorship For Photographers

Every business is going to be different, and therefore these options aren't meant to be a “one size fits all”. If you have questions about what package would be best for you in the season of business you’re in, inquire with me and we can chat more details and give you guidance on what might be the best fit!

 I’m freaking STOKED you’re here and ready to take your business to the next level!

Explore the different ways that we can work together and begin to get you the results you’ve been dreaming of in your business! 

Let's Work Together!

Mentorship Photo Shoot Day

An in-depth dive into what goes into a session and then actually going out and photographing a client together

1 hour debrief after the shoot where we talk about how it went, answer any other questions you might have, and chat about strategies to continue improving as you move forward in shooting!

The mentorship shoot day is perfect for the photographer wanting to change up the way they approach shooting and learn in a practical, hands-on way. I’ll pull back the curtain on how I prepare for sessions, the things I’m thinking as I’m photographing the couple, and how to provide a killer client experience during the shoot. Above all, you’ll walk away with tangible advice and the confidence to get out there and capture couples in a storytelling, authentic way (along with some new stunnnnning work to add to your portfolio!)

Valued at $300

1 hour session with a couple where I’ll talk through everything I’m thinking as I’m photographing them, show you how I’d shoot and pose, teach storytelling techniques, and invite you to practice photographing them as well.

1 hour pre-session meeting where we will dive into your questions about shooting and I’ll talk you through all the things I do to prepare for a session before it even happens!

Valued at $300

Valued at $600

Your Investment: $1,200  $800

Includes :

This Is What I Need!


Continuous month-to-month coaching over a period of three months for tangible results you'll see!!

The three month mentorship is best for the photographer looking for ongoing guidance in their business as they take it to the next level! This is for you if you’re looking to cover multiple topics (ex. Client communication, shooting, and instagram) and want to have continuous support and check-ins as you tweak and adjust in your business. Each month we will cover what you’ve learned, how you’ve changed things in your business, and the results you’ve seen from doing so! Above all, you’ll be continuously cheered-on and supported as you learn and grow. 

Three Month Mentorship clients can take $200 off if choosing to invest in a mentorship shoot day!

Valued at $200

Includes :

A pre-mentorship questionnaire for me to BEST serve you through the process 

Valued at $50

Three months of 1 hour video calls every month where we will go through all your biggest questions, talk strategies for improvement, and evaluate the growth you’ve achieved since our last call.

Valued at $900

Audio recordings of each call to listen back and reflect on everything we talked about 

Valued at $100

A custom google-doc from each call going over everything discussed, tips and tricks, etc.

Valued at $200

Email support throughout the three months to ask questions, talk about wins, & more. It’s basically like having me in your back pocket!


Your Investment: $1,450  $850

This Is What I Need!


A one time call to chat in-depth about a couple stumbling blocks you’re experiencing in your business

A one-time mentorship call is for you if you have a few burning questions, are feeling stuck in one specific part of your business, or just want to pick my brain about a few things! On this call we will be able to do a deep dive into a couple topics and help you feel prepared and equipped to tackle those things after we’ve talked! Above all, you’ll gain confidence and reassurance in your approach and be able to go on and make strides in growing your biz!

Includes :

Pre-mentorship questionnaire for me to BEST serve you through the process 

Valued at $50

A custom google-doc from your call going over everything discussed, tips and tricks, etc. 

Valued at $100

1 hour video call where we will go through all your biggest questions and talk strategies for improvement 

Valued at $300

Audio recordings of the call to listen back and reflect on everything we talked about 

Valued at $100

Your Investment: $650  $300

This Is What I Need!

Gabriela G.

Before talking to Julia, I was not able to grasp the business and legality side of photography, but Julia helped me to thoroughly understand how that all works & provided me with detailed notes. Now, after our mentorship meeting, it has allowed me to be confident in taking that next step of starting my photography business. Tangible results I have seen include, being able to use my camera properly & having a better understanding of the camera’s gadgets. Also, being able to use certain softwares efficiently such as lightroom classic & honeybook (for the business side). Meeting with Julia gave me a clear perspective and she provided me with new skills and tools when it comes to photography & starting a business. My favorite parts were obviously meeting Julia’s amazing self but also being able to have a better understanding in order to sharpen my skills. I was not confident because of the lack of knowledge I had but after talking to Julia, I felt inspired and I finally feel confident to get started. I love learning new things so to be able to just learn something new, that I am passionate about, was the best!

"I would 100% recommend this mentorship to people who are getting started or want to grow their business"

Samantha K.

"Julia is the best! I have talked with her twice now and every time I talk with her she welcomes me with open arms. Her strong love for Jesus is so admirable and shows through not only her mentoring, but her business as well. We have talked about things from branding to confidence and so much more. Her knowledge has helped me so much in furthering my business. She gives you both affirmation and validation that helps you realize that your dreams are possible, which is so important in a mentor. I will be recommending her to every photographer I know who is looking for a mentor. She is truly the sweetest!"

"she gives you both affirmation anD validation that helps you realize that your dreams are possible"

Hillary C.

"Before I met with Julia, I had no direction on how to grow in my confidence of my business. Now, I have such a better view of where I want my business to go and I have the confidence to do it as well! I HIGHLY recommend working with Julia! During our time together she was intentional asking me questions about my goals and my vision for my photography business! She's so personable and encouraging and is the best hype woman when it comes to pushing you forward in your business! If you're looking to grow your photography skills and business, Julia is your girl!"

"julia is the best hype woman when it comes to pushing you forward in your business!"

love letters

what are you really getting when hiring me?!

I am fully invested in you and your business and committed to helping you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m fully in your corner and ready to cheer you on through every step of the way. Your business is unique and the way I do things is unique, so read below and check out the different steps in working together!

Here's how our experience will unfold...

When you hire me as your business coach, you’re getting WAY more than someone who is just going to give you some tips and leave you at that.

Inquire with me + let’s chat!

Step One

Reach out via the inquiry form below and give me allllll the details about your business, what you’re most passionate about and what makes your heart skip a beat, and where you feel like you can use the extra help. 

I’ll help walk you through the different package options if you’re not sure which is best for you and we will come up with a game plan to work together!

Let’s make it official!

Step Two

I’ll send you a proposal and invoice and we will begin planning the dates and times for our calls. You’ll also receive a questionnaire that goes in-depth in your business, your big dreams, and everything in between.

Once you’ve answered the questionnaire, I can begin to come up with a strategy and tips for you that we will talk through during the calls so that you can begin to see the results you’ve been waiting for in your business!

It’s mentorship time!

Step Three

Once it’s time for your mentorship, we will chat over a video call (unless of course you’ve booked the shoot day) and have SO MUCH FUN getting to unpack all the goodness I have to share with you. Spoiler: this is my favorite part!!!!!

You’ll walk away with tangible tips, transparency about the way I’ve done things (things I’ve done well and things I would’ve changed), all preparing you to take MASSIVE strides as your grow.

Chase your dreams + CRUSH those goals!

Step Four

After you’ve received your custom google doc + audio recording, you’ll be equipped with resources to continue growing and thriving long beyond our initial call! 

Plus, I’ll ALWAYS be in your corner (probably commenting the heck out of your Insta posts hyping you up) and here to be a sounding board for anything you might need! I’ve got your back and can’t wait to support you as you continue chasing this God-given dream of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm at a point in my business where I'm ready to invest in education? I'm worried about finances!

It might sound silly, but as you're building a business and asking clients to invest in you, you also have to invest in yourself! When you invest in education and growing your business, you therefore have more to offer your clients and can most effectively show up to serve them! As a photographer myself, my only regret in investing in my education is that I didn't do it soon enough. Take the plunge, you and your business are worth it!


I'm worried I'll forget everything that we talk about during our mentorship but I don't want to be distracted taking notes the whole time either. How can I make sure I retain it all?

No stress there my friend! After our mentorship, I'll send you an in-depth google doc going over everything we talked about, resources I've referenced, and more! You'll also receive an audio recording of our call that you can go back and listen to as many times as you'd like! This way, you'll be able to stay present during the meeting and focus on soaking it all in rather than note-taking. I've got you!


If I'm new to my photography business or maybe don't even have a true business yet, is this mentorship still a good fit for me?

It sure is! I have the honor and joy of helping photographers in many different stages of their business thrive and grow in their skills! Whether you're baby fresh and need tips on shooting in manual or you've already got lots of weddings under your belt and want to up level your client experience, I am here to offer my best tips and advice no matter what stage. There's always something to learn!


How do I know if a one-time call or ongoing mentorship is best for me to invest in?

If you have a few burning questions or want to pick my brain about a specific topic, the one time call is probably the best fit for you! If you're looking for more help covering multiple topics (ex. really wanting to enhance your workflow AND improve client communication as well as wanting some editing tips, etc) the ongoing mentorship program would be best for you! Plus, there is a discount when investing in multiple months at a time.

During the ongoing mentorship, my students also have access to me in-between their calls to continue to email questions/ask for assistance/etc! 


How will we meet?

Video call babyyyyy!!! I'm a face to face kinda gal and have found that this is more effective than a phone call as we can better connect and go in-depth into all you're struggling with in your biz. Grab a coffee or your fave beverage and let's get down to the nitty gritty over zoom together. 
During the ongoing mentorship, my students also have access to me in-between their calls to continue to email questions/ask for assistance/etc! 


How does the in-person shoot day mentorship work? Is this a good fit for me?

I love love love my in-person mentorship days! This is a good fit for you if you're really looking to change up the way you approach shoots, how you capture them, and the way you interact with and pose your clients. On this day, we will first sit down and chat through shooting styles, where you feel stuck, and tips I have to best approach a session. Then, we will have a session together with couple where I'll show you how I'd photograph them, walk you through my process, and invite you in to get creative and capture your own shots as well! After the session is over, we'll go grab a drink or dinner and chat through how it went and any other questions you might have surrounding shooting and storytelling. It's quite truly a whole experience and so fun to get into the shooting process together! During the ongoing mentorship, my students also have access to me in-between their calls to continue to email questions/ask for assistance/etc! 


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