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Gabriela G.

Before talking to Julia, I was not able to grasp the business and legality side of photography, but Julia helped me to thoroughly understand how that all works & provided me with detailed notes. Now, after our mentorship meeting, it has allowed me to be confident in taking that next step of starting my photography business. Tangible results I have seen include, being able to use my camera properly & having a better understanding of the camera’s gadgets. Also, being able to use certain softwares efficiently such as lightroom classic & honeybook (for the business side). Meeting with Julia gave me a clear perspective and she provided me with new skills and tools when it comes to photography & starting a business. My favorite parts were obviously meeting Julia’s amazing self but also being able to have a better understanding in order to sharpen my skills. I was not confident because of the lack of knowledge I had but after talking to Julia, I felt inspired and I finally feel confident to get started. I love learning new things so to be able to just learn something new, that I am passionate about, was the best!

"I would 100% recommend this mentorship to people who are getting started or want to grow their business"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm at a point in my business where I'm ready to invest in education? I'm worried about finances!

It might sound silly, but as you're building a business and asking clients to invest in you, you also have to invest in yourself! When you invest in education and growing your business, you therefore have more to offer your clients and can most effectively show up to serve them! As a photographer myself, my only regret in investing in my education is that I didn't do it soon enough. Take the plunge, you and your business are worth it!


I'm worried I'll forget everything that we talk about during our mentorship but I don't want to be distracted taking notes the whole time either. How can I make sure I retain it all?

No stress there my friend! After our mentorship, I'll send you an in-depth google doc going over everything we talked about, resources I've referenced, and more! This way, you'll be able to stay present during the meeting and focus on soaking it all in rather than note-taking. I've got you!


If I'm new to my photography business or maybe don't even have a true business yet, is this mentorship still a good fit for me?

It sure is! I have the honor and joy of helping photographers in many different stages of their business thrive and grow in their skills! Whether you're baby fresh and need tips on shooting in manual or you've already got lots of weddings under your belt and want to up level your client experience, I am here to offer my best tips and advice no matter what stage. There's always something to learn!


How do I know if a one-time call or ongoing mentorship is best for me to invest in?

If you have a few burning questions or want to pick my brain about a specific topic, the one time call is probably the best fit for you! If you're looking for more help covering multiple topics (ex. really wanting to enhance your workflow AND improve client communication as well as wanting some editing tips, etc) the ongoing mentorship program would be best for you! Plus, there is a discount when investing in multiple months at a time.

During the ongoing mentorship, my students also have access to me in-between their calls to continue to email questions/ask for assistance/etc! 


How will we meet?

Video call babyyyyy!!! I'm a face to face kinda gal and have found that this is more effective than a phone call as we can better connect and go in-depth into all you're struggling with in your biz. Grab a coffee or your fave beverage and let's get down to the nitty gritty over zoom together. 
During the ongoing mentorship, my students also have access to me in-between their calls to continue to email questions/ask for assistance/etc! 


How does the in-person shoot day mentorship work? Is this a good fit for me?

I love love love my in-person mentorship days! This is a good fit for you if you're really looking to change up the way you approach shoots, how you capture them, and the way you interact with and pose your clients. On this day, we will first sit down and chat through shooting styles, where you feel stuck, and tips I have to best approach a session. Then, we will have a session together with couple where I'll show you how I'd photograph them, walk you through my process, and invite you in to get creative and capture your own shots as well! After the session is over, we'll go grab a drink or dinner and chat through how it went and any other questions you might have surrounding shooting and storytelling. It's quite truly a whole experience and so fun to get into the shooting process together! During the ongoing mentorship, my students also have access to me in-between their calls to continue to email questions/ask for assistance/etc! 


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