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The first time we met was for our engagement session, when I say my husband isn’t a photogenic person…he is shy in front of the camera. Julia made us both feel so comfortable that he let his guard down and we have so many AMAZING photos because of this. I still go back through them, her work is absolutely amazing. We then threw a wrench in things and moved our wedding up an entire year, so two months before our new wedding date I texted her! She was so happy for us and we were able to work together to pick a day she had open! I didn’t want anyone else photographing my wedding!

"When choosing a photographer you often fall in love with their work but we also fell in love with her as a person."


“The sweetest soul inside and out. She was the “fan favorite” at our wedding. Felt like old friends from the beginning. She is so cool and was built to be in this line of work!”


Julia was SO much fun to work with!!! No matter what, she tries tp put a smile on your face - whether that's in the rain or in a pandemic. I can tell she loves what she does and wants to be better at it each and every day. She improves with joy and excels with grace. If you want someone to make you feel special in front of the camera, Julia is your girl!

"She truly makes you feel comfortable and at home in front of the camera - even with the dorkiest of people like me"

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Frequently Asked Questions

I really only want 4 hours of coverage on my wedding day rather than 8+, can we do that?

Through all my years of photographing weddings, I've found that I am able to most effectively and honestly tell the story of your day through a minimum of 8 hours of coverage on a more traditional wedding day. If you're eloping or having an intimate wedding, 4 hours of coverage may be an option for you but my full day weddings begin at 8 hours of coverage. If you have questions about this, don't hesitate to ask as I am more than happy to elaborate on why I believe this so wholeheartedly! I'm here to tell your story from beginning to end and 8 hours is where that really comes to life. 


How do I know which collection is best for me?

I totally understand how it can feel overwhelming it can feel trying to figure out on your own how many hours you might need. That's what I'm here for! After you inquire, we will set up a zoom call where we get to chat allll the fun details and dreams for your big day. From there, I'll be able to ask more specific questions about what you want your day to look like and what is most important to you and make a recommendation on what collection would be the best fit for you. I'm in your corner and here to help!


How do I know if I need a second shooter for my wedding or not?

Every wedding is different, and some days might benefit from added coverage from a second shooter while for others it may not be as necessary. Once you inquire, we will set up a time to chat over zoom and go in-depth about your dreams for your big day and everything you're wanting captured. From there, I'll be able to make my best expert recommendation for you and what you're looking for!


We want you to be a part of more than just our wedding day! What other sessions do you offer?

When it comes to this season of life, I am HONOREDDD to get to walk alongside you and document so many different beautiful parts of it! I offer proposal photography, engagement sessions, bridal portraits, boudoir sessions, rehearsal dinner/welcome party coverage, and more. When you inquire, you'll receive a complete investment guide that goes in depth into each of these different collection additions!


Do you shoot film?

Film is a more recent addition to my photography workflow and I'm obsessed with it! Currently, I am still in the experimental phase and do not offer this as a formal/paid add-on to my collections but it IS coming soon!!!!! Stay tuned!


I tend to feel awkward in front of the camera! Will you help me feel more comfortable?

ABSOLUTELY, YES! Everyone can feel awkward at times when it comes to being in front of a camera, but I'll be by your side every step of the way encouraging you, prompting you, and documenting you in a way that allows you to relax and be your true self. You'll get your images back and be like "oh my GOSH that's us?!?! We don't look awkward at all!!!!!