Imagine getting your images back and looking through them while breathing a sigh of relief because ahhhhhhhhh– these just FEEL like you. Your quirks, stolen glances, biggest ear-to-ear smiles, and happy tears documented in an honest and intentional way, and not just by anyone, but by a photographer who has come to be way more than just a vendor but a true and genuine friend. You deserve that level of luxury experience, and your love story is worthy of being told in that way.

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Your story matters and you deserve to have a photographer who is truly invested in telling your story in the way it deserves to be told: uniquely and honestly.

I have carefully crafted intentional collections for wedding, elopement, and couples photography that will document your story in an authentic and genuine way, all while allowing you to be fully present and have fun throughout the entire process. You two as a couple are one-of-a-kind and oh so special, and I believe your photo experience should be as well. If you’re ready to have more than just a photographer but also your newest #1 fan and someone who will be wholeheartedly invested in you and your love story, then the experience I offer is for you.

Click the service type below to view the details of the different services I offer and ways we can work together to document the heck out of this incredible stage of life you’re in!!!





Wedding Photography


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Wedding Photography


Wedding photography collections begin at $4850. On average, Julia Elise Collective couples invest $6000 into their wedding photography experience.

  • Custom wedding day timeline
  • Sneak peeks in 48-72 hours
  • Gallery delivery in 5-6 weeks
  • Personalized + shareable online gallery to view and download high resolution images
  • Shared mood board to dream and hone in on your vision together
  • Complimentary 50+ page wedding guide (full of alllll my knowledge with everything from engagement session outfits, vendor recs, and wedding exit tips!)
  • Planning assistance and support via email + text
  • Print release

If you’re a couple excited to celebrate your big day with alllllll your favorite people and to relax and be present as you have the entire story of your day documented, you're in the right place. I’ll capture the unique story of your day from the slow and sweet getting ready moments all the way to your FUN dance floor, preserving all of your favorite memories to look back on again and again. Most importantly, you’ll get to focus on being in the moment and embracing all the joy and love coming your way knowing that I’m documenting every special moment, big and small. 

Collections start at 8 hours of coverage of your dream day captured honestly + intentionally.

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Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photography


Elopement + Intimate Wedding collections begin at $2400. On average, Julia Elise Collective couples invest $3600 into their elopement photography experience.

  • Custom elopement/wedding day timeline
  • Sneak peeks in 48-72 hours
  • Gallery delivery in 5-6 weeks
  • Personalized + shareable online gallery to view and download high resolution images
  • Shared mood board to dream and hone in on your vision together
  • Complimentary 50+ page wedding guide (full of alllll my knowledge with everything from engagement session outfits, vendor recs, and wedding exit tips!)
  • Planning assistance and support via email + text
  • Print release

Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photography coverage is for you if you’re a couple choosing to celebrate your day in a more intimate way and really value a unique experience. I’ll capture every little detail of your day that matters to you, whether that’s on a mountain top with just you two and your dog or with 20 of your closest family and friends over a candle-lit dinner. Most importantly, you’ll get to focus on being present and in the moment, soaking up all the joy of your day, while I document every big and little moment. 

Collections start at 4 hours of coverage of your dream day captured honestly + intentionally

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Couples + Engagement Sessions photography


Engagement and couples sessions begin at $500. On average, Julia Elise Collective couples invest $600 into their couples photography experience.

  • Personalized + shareable online gallery to view and download high resolution images
  • Central Indiana location guide (to help determine the best spot for your session!)
  • Outfit planning guide
  • Custom questionnaires to get to know you to most effectively tell your story
  • Shared mood board to dream and hone in on your vision together
  • Unlimited planning assistance via email + text
  • Print release

Whether you’re taking engagement photos, announcing a pregnancy, or proposing to the love of your freakin’ life, I believe the connection you share in this moment is worth documenting. A couples session is for you if you’re ready for not just a photoshoot, but a true date-night type of experience with your person and to feel comfortable and relaxed through the entire process. I’ll capture the unique connection you share and all of the in-between moments and sweet ways you look at each other. Above all, you’ll get to enjoy soaking in all the joy that this stage of life holds and therefore receive images that transport you back to these moments every time you look at them.

For documenting connection in this season

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Wonder what the Experience working with me looks like?

I want to freeze your moments in time and help you relive them again and again, all while serving and showing up for you.

I believe wholeheartedly that every single person was made in the image of God and has worth, purpose, and a beautiful story worth telling and I do my best to incorporate that into every aspect of my work.

Here's how our experience will unfold...

I'm a firm believer that your wedding should reflect YOU to the core. I'm here for the real moments + genuine laughter, the happy tears and the stolen glances. I’m constantlyyyyy looking out for those in-between moments while also capturing the big, monumental ones you’ve always dreamed of. Documenting your one-of-a-kind story and everything that makes you YOU is what I'm passionate about- along with us having a dang good time while doing so!!! I’m here to help you every step of the way and provide you with memories to last for generations to come. Above all, I'm invested in you and your story.

I am determined to provide a unique, luxury, and fun photography experience that goes beyond simply taking photos.

Reach out + let’s chat!

Step One

Reading through my website, feeling SEEN and like “heck yes this is the kind of wedding photography experience I need”?! Inquire with me and let’s chat!

We’ll get to know one another and ensure I’m the absolute best fit to document your special day. 

Let’s make it official!

Step Two

After you determine I’m the photographer for you, I’ll send you all the official info to book such as the contract, invoice and more.

This step will take care of all the logistics so that we can really get into the fun part of intentionally documenting your dream day!

Now the fun REALLY begins

Step Three

As soon as you're officially booked I'll send you my complete wedding guide packed FULLLLL of all my knowledge in terms of wedding day tips, how to decide on a first look or traditional reveal, vendors I recommend and SO much more. You’ll receive different questionnaires, check-in calls, and timeline resources so that I can help make this an experience unlike any other for you guys. If you’ve added an engagement session, this is also when we will begin planning all the fun details for that!

Leading up to your big day I’ll be right by your side as a guide through the entire planning process and we will truly get to know one another and become friends. I’m invested in you guys and your story!

Step Four

Your big day is finally here! After you have a freakin’ BLAST celebrating with all your closest family and friends, allowing me to capture alllll the special memories, head out on your honeymoon and enjoy time as

You’ll get your sneak peeks in 48-72 hours and begin reliving the joy of your special day!

The best day ever

Gallery delivery + beyond

Step Five

You’ll receive your gallery in 5-6 weeks and soak in reliving all the feels and moments of your big day!!!!!! Plus, our time together doesn’t have to end here. In hiring me as your photographer, you’ve gained a friend + hype girl for life. 

I’ll be cheering you on and in your corner long after your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

I really only want 4 hours of coverage on my wedding day rather than 8+, can we do that?

Through all my years of photographing weddings, I've found that I am able to most effectively and honestly tell the story of your day through a minimum of 8 hours of coverage on a more traditional wedding day. If you're eloping or having an intimate wedding, 4 hours of coverage may be an option for you but my full day weddings begin at 8 hours of coverage. If you have questions about this, don't hesitate to ask as I am more than happy to elaborate on why I believe this so wholeheartedly! I'm here to tell your story from beginning to end and 8 hours is where that really comes to life. 


How do I know which collection is best for me?

I totally understand how overwhelming it can feel trying to figure out how many hours of coverage you might need and what add-ons would be best. That's what I'm here for! After you inquire, we will set up a video call where we get to chat allll the fun details and dreams for your big day. From there, I'll be able to ask more specific questions about what you want your day to look like and what is most important to you and make a recommendation on what collection would be the best fit for you. I'm in your corner and here to help!


How do I know if I need a second shooter for my wedding or not?

Every wedding is different, and some days might benefit from added coverage from a second shooter while for others it may not be as necessary. Once you inquire, we will set up a time to chat and go in-depth about your dreams for your big day and everything you're wanting captured. From there, I'll be able to make my best expert recommendation for you and what you're looking for!


We want you to be a part of more than just our wedding day! What other sessions do you offer?

When it comes to the season of life you're in, I am HONOREDDD to get to walk alongside you and document so many different beautiful parts of it! I offer proposal photography, engagement sessions, bridal portraits, boudoir sessions, rehearsal dinner/welcome party coverage, and more. When you inquire, you'll receive a complete investment guide that goes in depth into each of these different collection additions!


Do you shoot film?

Film is a more recent addition to my photography workflow and I'm obsessed with it! Currently, I am still in the experimental phase and do not offer this as a formal/paid add-on to my collections but it IS coming soon!!!!! Stay tuned!


I tend to feel awkward in front of the camera! Will you help me feel more comfortable?

ABSOLUTELY, YES! Everyone can feel awkward at times when it comes to being in front of a camera, but I'll be by your side every step of the way encouraging you, prompting you, and documenting you in a way that allows you to relax and be your true self. You'll get your images back and be like "oh my GOSH that's us?!?! We don't look awkward at all!!!!!".


You're on the hunt for the perfect photographer and Wondering if Am I the One?!

You’re going to come across a lot of incredible options, all of whom bring something different and special to the table. The truth is, I’m not the photographer for everyone.

I'm the photographer for you if:

You value not only the big, anticipated moments (helloooo first kiss at the altar!) but also the stolen glances, happy tears, and genuine laughter shared on your day and want to see it all reflected in your gallery.

You want a photographer who is going to do more than just show up on your day and tell you to smile. You want someone who will really get to know you as a friend first in order to most honestly tell the story of your big day.

You're The One!

You value being present and enjoying every aspect of your day more than you value getting the perfectly staged shot

You prioritize a stress-free experience and want to hire someone you know you can trust to document every big and little moment while letting you fully enjoy your day

Hannah K.

Her AMAZING personality, attention to detail, and creative eye truly captured the beauty of our love story. From the intimate moments to party on the dance floor, Julia captured every single detail! Her talent and passion shine through in every shot, and we couldn't be happier with the stunning memories she has provided us. Thank you, Julia, for capturing our love story so perfectly. Could not recommend her enough!!!! 

Choosing Julia as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our special day!!!


Julia is the most spectacular photographer! Not only is she the sweetest person ever, but she’s soo incredibly talented and detail oriented. She captured every detail of my wedding even better than I could have ever imagined. I know I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life! I would highly recommend her for your wedding, engagement session, or any other life milestone. You will not be disappointed!

"Julia photographed every moment so authentically and truly went above and beyond to ensure my wedding day was so perfect."

Kelly B.

Julia shot my Rehearsal Dinner and captured the night SO beautifully! Not to get in the way of everything being walked through. My husband and I are truly so grateful for each and every image, as she exceeded all expectations and gave us one of the best things anyone could ever ask for, memories captured! I truly cannot recommend Julia enough for any of your photo needs!

Every emotion, detail, and moment was noted and she was amazing at being the perfectly ~ unseen ~ photographer,

love letters

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Are you ready for a stress-free and FUN experience on your big day?

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I’m here to invite you to be completely present in every single moment as I document it all. Together we will create an experience where long after the day has passed, you’ll look back on your wedding photos and be immediately transported back to exactly what that moment looked and felt like. 

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